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As the DeFi ecosystem grows, we realize that there is a need for a simple swap product with a great user experience that aligns with Beluga’s vision to simplify DeFi. Alas, Beluga is excited to announce the launch of Beluga AMM DEX and the associated liquidity mining program part 1, which will run in the month of August 2022.
DISCLAIMER: Exact details are subject to change at the official launch date

BELA Liquidity Mining / Part 1

The total transaction fees are 0.04%, liquidity Providers (LPs) on Beluga’s AMM DEX who provide capital for the pools will receive 0.02% and 0.01% will go towards Beluga product development, while the remaining 0.01% will be used to buy back BELA and distribute revenue shares to BELA stakers.
In the foreseeable future, Beluga will conduct a bi-weekly liquidity mining program. In this part 1, rewards will apply to the liquidity providers for the following pools:
We welcome feedback from the community as we run this program for the next 12 months.

How it works

Beluga users who provide liquidity to the above pools will earn BELA based on the amount of time and the size of their contribution to the pool. The exact formula can be seen here:

Rewards Distribution

Liquidity Providers will be able to claim the BELA rewards at the end of the liquidity mining program. There will be no vesting for the first Beluga Liquidity Mining program.

Future Liquidity Mining Plans

  • Rewards for more pools/trading pairs
  • Solend c-token Pools

About Beluga

Beluga is an ecosystem of DeFi products built on Solana, Arbitrum and other EVM chains with the goal of simplifying DeFi and a focus on excellent customer experience.
Best Regards,
Team Beluga.