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Layer 3 Solution

In addition to the unilateral liquidity provision Beluga offers, our Layer 3 solution will change how DeFi users interact with protocols and grasp trading opportunities across chains. Masterfully utilizing Beluga’s underlying assets - an innovation that changes the landscape of DeFi for the better!
In the near future, users will be able to get their funds moving between chains seamlessly by simply interacting with Beluga's Liquidity Layer, while still having access to the entire Ethereum ecosystem.
Beluga's Liquidity Layer will construct a multichain Liquidity Aggregator
This shift allows for integration of new assets, more use cases for the single-sided LP tokens, and even deeper liquidity that increases captial efficiency.
Our innovative system helps enlighten the narrative of multichain DeFi and brings critical benefits to users in two main categories:


  • Low slippage
  • Minimal impermanent loss
  • Better user experience
  • Fast Bridging


  • Maximum capital efficiency
  • Up to 5x leverage farming
  • Low smart contract risk
  • Highly manageable collateral