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veBELA is the token that grants users voting power and access to protocol revenue.
Users can stake BELA and receive veBELA in exchange.
1 staked BELA generates 0.014 veBELA every hour. The maximum veBELA held from a deposit is 100 times the BELA staked. In other words, it takes about 10 months to reach the veBELA cap. You can always stake more BELA to earn more veBELA. You can withdraw your staked BELA any time. However, your accumulated veBELA will drop to 0 as soon as you unstake any amount.
veBELA is not an SPL token and cannot be transferred. It does not display in standard wallets such as Phantom, but users can check their veBELA balance on our app.
veBELA will have two possible states: locked and unlocking. veBELA always begins in the locked state. While locked, the BELA contained within the veBELA remains inaccessible.
Users can transition their veBELA to the unlocking state at any time. In this state, the veBELA balance will begin to decay linearly over time and the locked BELA will similarly begin to unlock linearly over time.
veBELA can be relocked for longer than the time remaining until it fully unlocks. This does not affect the amount of BELA contained within the veBELA but would increase the user's veBELA balance.
Users can only have one veBELA account per wallet. When adding veBELA to an account that already has veBELA, the portion with the shorter lock period will be relocked to match the longer lock period.